Master The Online Tutoring Art-Make DOLLAR$ & Fire YOUR BOSS

Online Tutoring Is Not Only For Experts, Anybody Can Become a Successful Tutor! Master It and Earn Money Helping Others!

Pratik did his graduation in Electronics Engineering from one of the famous IITs ( Indian Institute of Technologies). He worked as an ASIC (Electronics) Engineer in one of the famous MNCs in this field for about 3 years but soon turned into a Full Time Online Tutor after getting to know about some online tutoring websites and making a regular income of $700-$800 per week just by Online Tutoring . Pratik has deeply explored the Online Tutoring industry in this last one and a half year and as per him Online Tutoring market is growing at a very fast rate and going forward it is going to be one of the leading industries of the world. Online Tutoring is bringing in a big revolution in the whole Education System and has great opportunities for everyone.

This course is all about Online Tutoring, the various popular Online Tutoring websites, how to apply in an Online Tutoring website, the Mistakes that one should not make in the initial phase as an Online Tutor , and finally Steps and Tools to setup your own Online Tutoring Company once you have gained an experience of 1.5 - 2 years in this field.

This course aims at making everyone aware of the Earning possibilities which Online Tutoring has to offer and give them proper guidance in this area. Online Tutors can make from $35,000 to $ 50,000 per annum if they take this opportunity seriously and learn the Art of Online Tutoring.

This course will make it clear to the people that "It's not that only experts can teach, the fact is anybody can teach, there is demand for everything, and tutoring is more of like an art than the expertise. Anybody Ranging from College Students to House Wives to Company Professionals to Retired People can pursue online tutoring as a part-time gig and make a good amount of money".

This course will also make everyone believe that there is demand for almost everything in the Online Tutoring market , students are ready to get any possible help from an Online Tutor in their subjects ranging from maths, science to foreign languages,music, fitness etc.

Through this course, Pratik aims to make everyone comfortable with the Art of Online Tutoring and make them believe that "Yes, They can Teach and Make Easy and Honest Money Online through tutoring."

Intended Audience: Everyone

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Tool For Taking Lessons : Best Free Interactive Whiteboard
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What's included

  • 17 Video Lessons
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  • Certificate of completion

Pratik Porwal